SIRA hosts a strictly moderated mailing list called sira-news to keep members informed of SIRA events and other important news concerning Swiss Informatics education and research. SIRA members may also use this list to post information about Swiss IT events that are of clear interest to the SIRA members at large (i.e., not just to a distinct subset), such as awards, funding opportunities, or major policy events.

New SIRA members are automatically subscribed to this list. Although members are free to unsubscribe, they are strongly encouraged to remain subscribed. Postings are strictly moderated, and traffic is normally very low.

Posting messages

Simply send an email to Your posting will be moderated as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Postings concerning Swiss IT events must be of clear interest to SIRA members at large, e.g. awards, funding opportunities, or major policy events.
  • SIRA News does not publish calls for papers, calls for participation, etc. for events such as conferences, special issues, etc., except when SIRA is involved in that event.
  • Please do not include attachments in postings (supply URLs instead).

Calls for Participation of specialized events should be announced in the SI Events Calendar instead.

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