The Annual SIRA Conference 2021 will be held November 19, 2021 14:15-16:00.

The meeting will be held in a hybrid fashion:

  • Physically at the University of Bern, main building, Hochschulstrasse 4 room #115.
  • Virtually over Zoom

For physical presence, Covid-19 safety restrictions apply: certificate required, 1.5m distance, masks in the hallways, see


1. Welcome and set-up (5′)

2. Invited talk on the status of Horizon Europe, with Q&A (to be confirmed, 30′)

3. Formal SIRA conference (max 45′)
3a. Report on activities, communications
3b. SIRA fees 2022 (unchanged)
3c. Approvals
•  financial report of 2020
•  discharge of the board
•  budget 2022
(no elections necessary in this cycle)
3d. Tentative date for 2022 conference
3e. Miscellaneous

All SIRA members (Informatics professors in CH) are invited and are allowed to attend, although only SIRA representatives or their substitute may vote.

SIRA representatives (Department heads or the person designated as the acting SIRA representative of your department) are EXPECTED to attend.
If a SIRA representative is unable to attend, a substite may be designated which must be announced to the SIRA president before the meeting.

The Zoom coordinates and the name of the invited speaker will be communicated later.