On this page, we provide links to resources that we deem interesting and useful for SIRA members. If readers would like to add resources to this page, contact SIRA through the contact form available in the main menu.

Interviews with women in Informatics

In order to encourage more girls to choose Informatics as the subject of their studies or apprenticeships, SI is publishing a series of interviews with women in Informatics. The interviews are intended to provide role models.They can be accessed here:


TA-Swiss publication on opportunities and risks of AI

The TA-SWISS Foundation has published a study on the opportunities and risks of AI:

Christen M., Mader C., Čas J., Abou-Chadi T., Bernstein A., Braun Binder N., Dell’Aglio D., Fábián L., George D., Gohdes A., Hilty L., Kneer M., Krieger-Lamina J., Licht H., Scherer A., Som C., Sutter P., Thouvenin F. (2020). Wenn Algorithmen für uns entscheiden: Chancen und Risiken der künstlichen Intelligenz. In TA-SWISS Publikationsreihe (Hrsg.): TA 72/2020. Zürich: vdf

The study is in German with extended summaries in English, French and Italian. It is available as a free e-book at:

TA-SWISS is a non-profit foundation that was established to examine the opportunities and risks of new technologies. Its mission is anchored in the Swiss Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation. As a centre of excellence, the Foundation for Technology Assessment is incorporated in the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. TA-SWISS is financed exclusively through public funding.


Publications by Informatics Europe

SIRA is a member of Informatics Europe, which is the organization of the Informatics departments at European universities.

Informatics Europe publishes reports and other resources that are of value for the SIRA members. Below are some resources that we find particularly interesting. The full list of Informatics Europe publications is available here.


Informatics For All

The Informatics for All Initiative, devised jointly by Informatics Europe and ACM Europe aims at giving due recognition to Informatics as an essential foundational discipline for education in the 21st century. Here is the Informatics for All strategy paper.


Ethical/Social Impact of Informatics as a Study Subject in Informatics University Degree Programs

The working group on Ethical/Social Impact of Informatics as a Study Subject in Informatics University Degree Programs has created a report, summarizing the results of the online survey conducted among the working group members in spring 2019. This is a first step towards a more deep and informed discussion about the topic of ethical/social impact in Informatics university degree programs. Download the report.


When Computers Decide: Recommendations on Machine-Learned Automated Decision Making

This is a joint white paper of the Informatics Europe Ethics Working Group and ACM Europe on automated decision making (ADM). James Larus (EPFL and SIRA Board member) is the lead author of this report. Download it here.


Informatics Education in Europe

Sixth edition (2012-2017) of the Informatics Europe report on Informatics higher education in Europe: key data about institutions, degrees, students, positions, and salaries. Download it here.


More Women in Informatics Research and Education

Informatics Europe has created a booklet about promoting women Informatics Research and Education, covering topics such as recruiting female students and recruiting, keeping and promoting female scientists.

More Information (https://www.informatics-europe.org/working-groups/women-in-icst-research-and-education.html)
Download the booklet (pdf)
Paper copies can be ordered from the office of Informatics Europe.