SIRA is a non-profit association with the goals of fostering national and international collaboration within the ICT research community and of promoting the visibility and recognition of research and advanced education in ICT and its related fields performed in Switzerland. SIRA achieves these goals by working to influence policy that impacts ICT research, coordinate ICT related efforts in research and advanced education both within Switzerland and with organisations abroad, and cultivating communication with industry, government, the press, and the general public.

SIRA was founded in 2012, as a continuation of SARIT (founded 1989) and a merge with SI-CHIP (founded 2011), with the purpose of strengthening the links between the Swiss research department heads in Informatics/Computer Science and of promoting international collaboration.


The SIRA members are those professors and lecturers of the Informatics Departments of the Swiss universities, federal institutes of technology and universities of applied sciences who have been registered with SIRA by their respective departments.

The SIRA Board is the executive committee of SIRA. Currently, the board consists of the following people:

Christian Tschudin, President
Martin Glinz, Board member, past president
Matthias Grossglauser, Board member
Siegfried Handschuh, Board member, treasurer
Matthias Hauswirth, Board member
Christine Legner, Board member

The SIRA Conference is the supreme authority of SIRA, comprising all heads of academic Informatics departments in Switzerland. The SIRA Conference convenes annually in a regular session.


The 2019 SIRA Conference has approved some changes to the SIRA statutes. Current version.  Previous versions: 2017 | 2012

Mailing List

SIRA maintains a mailing list for news.


SIRA organises events for its members. Further events of interest for SIRA members may be found in the SI event agenda.


SIRA is a sub-group of the Swiss Informatics Society SI.
SIRA is a member of Informatics Europe.


You can contact SIRA via the SI office or by contacting its president (Christian Tschudin).