SIRA Board

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Prof. Martin Glinz Emeritus
Organisation: UZH - University of Zurich - UZH
Department: IfI
SIRA role(s): Board member
Group: Requirements Engineering Group page:
Domains: Requirements Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Quality
Prof. Matthias Grossglauser
Organisation: EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne - EPFL
Department: IC
SIRA role(s): Board member, SIRA Representative
Group: Computer Communications and Applications Laboratory 4 Group page:
Domains: Computer Communications and Applications
Prof. Siegfried Handschuh
Organisation: UNISG - University of St Gallen
Department: Institute of Computer Science - ICS- HSG
SIRA role(s): Board member, SIRA Representative
Group: Group page:
Domains: Data Science
Prof. Matthias Hauswirth
Organisation: USI - Università della Svizzera italiana
Department: Faculty of Informatics
SIRA role(s): Board member, SIRA Representative
Group: LuCE Group page:
Domains: Computer Science Education, Programming Languages, Software Engineering
Prof. Christine Legner
Organisation: UNIL - University of Lausanne
Department: ISI
SIRA role(s): Board member
Group: Business Information Systems & Architecture (bisa) Group page:
Domains: Business Information Systems, Enterprise Architecture
Prof. Christian Tschudin
Organisation: UNIBAS - University of Basel
Department: Departement Mathematics and Computer Science
SIRA role(s): Board Member, President, SIRA Representative
Group: Computer Networks Group page:
Domains: Mobile code, Wireless networking, Security, Network Architecture, Named-Function Networking